My Romance – Richard Rodgers / Lorentz Hart

Here is a version of the song My Romance by Richard Rodgers and Lorentz Hart (1935) with the Tenor Banjo.

The version of this best known tune is probably that of Bill Evans. For my side, it is thanks to the Real Book that I discovered this tune.

Why this tune.

First of all, I love the lyrics of this song. A love song that says very simply that I need nothing but you.
Then I like the melody. All in simplicity. Finally, the tonality in C major counts. Especially on the Tenor Banjo.


First of all, I spent a little time playing just the melody. Then I played the chords. Then I tried to combine the two.
Overall the tonality of C major seemed correct for my voice. So I allowed myself to sing this song. However I still changed the few notes at the end of the melody that are too high for my voice if I stay in C.

For a very succinct harmonic analysis, you have here a form in 32 bars. Two sentences A1 and A2 each of 16 bars. You are in C. Observe the II V7 I that is to say here Dm7 G7 to go to C.

Score and tablature.

If desired, my adaptation and the lead sheet from the Real Book are available in pdf format just below this text.
This is a non-commercial sharing.