The Nonsense Song – Leo Daniderff

Here is an adaptation of the song The Nonsense Song by Leo Daniderff (1917) with the Ukulele.

First written in 1917 for cabaret music hall, Je Cherche Après Titine is especially made famous by the interpretation of Charlie Chaplin in Modern Times in 1936. In it, Charlot forgetting the words, begins to improvise an incomprehensible language. For this reason, the song is also known as The Nonsense Song.

Why this tune.

First of all it must be said that the forum-ukulele proposes each month a theme. In January 2019, the theme is “Where is Charlie ?” I instantly thought of this title which of course evokes Charlie Chaplin. Moreover, I had just bought a Tenor Banjo on which I started to fight to play with the pick. In this spirit, The Nonsense Song, allowed me to try to play with the Pick on the Ukulele.


I am well aware that the play at the mediator is not always well received by the players of Ukulele. No doubt for historical and root reasons of the instrument. Certainly, when we imagine Hawaii or the Madeira Islands, these magnificent followers of the Ukulele never play with a pick. Fingerstyle represent a whole technique that is exciting to try to tackle. That being said on this title, the play at the mediator seems to me to be fine.

About the tonality, I chose to transpose the song into D minor. This way, I can fully enjoy the entire round of the Ukulele in a balanced way.

Score and Tablature.

If you like, the score and tablature are available in pdf format under this text.
This is a non-commercial sharing.