Mamiii – Becky G, Karol G

Here is an adaptation of a song by Becky G and Karol G (2022) with ukulele, keyboard, bass and drum machine: Mamiii.

Mamiii is a song released in February 2022 that I discovered when it was released. And then this title immediately pleased me. Especially thanks to this acoustic guitar riff that we hear in the introduction of the piece.

Why this song.

The story is this. While we were eating together as a family at Naked Burger, the Latin playlist played in the restaurant inspired me a lot. In these cases, my reflex is to take out my phone and use Shazam. After that, I spent a few days listening to these urban and Latin titles. I have already spoken on this site about my unexplained attraction to Latin rhythms. Havana, Black Orpheus, Besame Mucho, Wave, as many titles as I love to play.

And then, it’s been a while since I wanted to try a video that offers a complete arrangement. Because if I love the challenge of making solo adaptations to the Ukulele, I must say that the job of arranger completely fascinates me.


Mamiii is above all a song.
However, for my adaptation, I kept only the 8 bars of the main theme. This is the theme we hear on the acoustic guitar and it is also the melody sung from the chorus.

On the original version, we can clearly hear two guitars playing this harmonised melody. That said, I preferred to play these two melodic lines at the same time with the ukulele. I must admit that I did not ease the task. Indeed, it’s hard to play both games at the same time! On this, I had fun on the three chords Em, Am and D to make variations.

Then, regarding the keyboard, the bass and the drum machine, I didn’t have to do much. Indeed, after having picked up the original parts, everything flows so from source!

Score and tablature.

If you wish, scores and tablatures of my adaptation are available in pdf format under this text.

This is a non-commercial sharing.