Havana – Camila Cabello

Here is an adaptation for Ukulele of this Camila Cabello’s hit in 2017: Havana.

I discovered this song during the fall of 2017, shortly after its release. What I immediately liked was this Latin mood, and then, of course, the quality of the voice. Besides, I am not the only one to have reacted positively to this song because it is, to this day, the greatest success of the singer.

I would like to say something about the singer’s humor with this video clip as funny as it is cute. Especially at 5’23” with this “You don’t like my story? Go write your own!

Why this song.

This is the fifth video I’ve posted on my YouTube channel and before that I’ve only posted older songs. I love old songs but it turns out that at that time, I wanted to make an adaptation and post a more modern tune.

Besides, I have to say that I sometimes play the role of DJ for dance parties. It is a role that I like and that allows me to stay up to date on the releases of the hits. Although not all of them necessarily make me happy, this tune, Havana, immediately pleased me.


As is often the case in music, it is not easy to understand precisely why we like a piece. Of course, the quality of the sound is often the first thing we hear. Before we even understand the melody, it is first a sound that we capture. On this song of Camila Cabello, I find the sound excellent, from the roundness of the bass to the gentle compression on the voices.

Next, we could evoke the harmonic grid. Very simple and static, in G minor with a fifth degree preceded by the sixth degree. This simple harmony has the advantage of highlighting the rhythmic swing

This title is imbued with Cuban music. Indeed, we think of Hasta Siempre Comandante or Buenavista Social Club.

Havana Desktop

Score and tablature.

If you wish, the score and tablature of my adaptation are available in pdf format under this text.
This is a non-commercial sharing.