La Chanson Du Loubard – Renaud

Here is an adaptation for guitar of this song from the french singer Renaud in 1977: La chanson du Loubard.

Renaud is clearly the first artist to whom I have fully identified. And it was first to look like him that I wanted to play guitar, sing songs and write lyrics.
It must be said that Renaud was always part of the family. Moreover, we listened to him with my brothers, with my mother as with my father.
For example, we had all the albums, in the form of K7 or vinyl, from Amoureux de Paname to Mistral Gagnant, including le p’tit bal du samedi soir et autres chansons réalistes. .

I still have a very nice memory: the concert at the Zenith after the release of Mistral Gagnant. It was in 1986 and we went there as a family.

Why this song.

This is the first song I wanted to publish on my channel. I grew up in the Parisian suburbs and this first sentence “The day rises on my suburbs, I’m cold yet it’s not winter” seems to have always stuck to my skin. Of course, there is a lot of melancholy in this text and in this music. In hindsight, this album, place de ma mob, has become my favorite album.

La chanson du Loubard, radio crochet Thomas
Myself, Thomas, during a radio crochet in the summer of 1986 with a plagiarism song by Renaud. I had won 50 francs 🙂


What I love most about this song is the swing of the first minor degree with the fourth major degree. In E minor, it gives us a swing of E minor with A major that induces a climate in Dorian mode very bluesy. The A major is then changed to A minor to resume a more conventional natural minor mode.

Score and tablature.

If you like, the score and tablature are available in pdf format under this text.

This is a non-commercial sharing.