Angel Eyes – Matt Dennis

Here is an adaptation for Ukulele of this ballad composed by Matt Dennis in 1946: Angel Eyes.

The first version of this song that comes to my mind is from Ella Fitzgerarld. Then I think directly of Chet Baker, who also sang this song. Of course, listening to the version of his composer Matt Dennis is worth it. But we have to admit that Matt Dennis‘ version is not the most widespread.

Why this song.

With my daughter Adilé, we sometimes take the time to flip through the Real Book to play jazz standards together. Angel Eyes is one of the songs we played together recently. Second, the forum-ukulele calls each month a theme to propose songs. Fun games to which I lend myself with pleasure. In October 2021, the theme is: the eyes.
Angle Eyes falls at the right moment.


Like many standards, Angel Eyes is a theme of 32 bars. Indeed, we have a form in AABA with phrases A and B which each make 8 bars.

What I like the most about this melody is the finish on the flat fifth (G b in C min) from the first measure. Indeed, this third note of the melody instantaneously poses a climate for a lyrical ballad. In addition to this entrance, the finish on the ninth (D in C min) in the third bar is magnificent. These two melodic angles are in my eyes the keys to this theme.

I have voluntarily chosen to play this theme in G min to be perfectly fit with range of the Ukulele.

Angel Eyes Desktop

Score and tablature.

If you like, my adaptation and the lead sheet from the Real Book are available in pdf format just below this text.
This is a non-commercial sharing.