All My Loving – The Beatles

Here are two adaptations, one on guitar, the other on ukulele, of a song by Lennon and McCartney with The Beatles in 1963 : All My Loving.

First I recorded the ukulele version in September 2020. And then I felt like offering a guitar version in the fall of 2022.

Why this song.

This is another Beatles song that I have in my repertoire. Specifically, I’ve played this song so much that I feel like I have the chord grid forever imprinted in my fingers and head!

Indeed, I never get tired of this verse grid. Whether it is the high cadence, these chords which are similar without being never the same or this country color. So many elements that make me love to play this song again and again. Especially since I love to look for tricks to make my way of playing it evolve.

The installation for the video with the guitar. Boussay, South touraine.


Released in 1963, All My Loving is one of the compositions of the early years of the Beatles. Sometimes, the quality of the compositions of the last active years of the Beatles is evoked to oppose them with the compositions of their young years. Despite this, here is a song, largely achieved, which highlights the strength of composition of the group.

Observe a standard sequence on the first 4 bars with degrees ii, V, I and vi. Then, we stay on the degrees IV, ii or V except for measure 7 with a chord which is not in the key. This chord relaunches the degree V which gives desire to have the tonic chord. And then no, we go back to degree ii. I think this effect pushes the cadence terribly.

The chorus is easier to understand with the tonic chord and the relative minor.

Video capture.

It was during a work session at my friend David Courtin‘s house that I recorded the video on guitar. In addition to being a friend, David is a singer and we have been working together for many years now. We meet and isolate ourselves a few days in a row either to compose or to rehearse and prepare for concerts. In order to take advantage of the surrounding countryside, one morning I got up early to record this video with the guitar.

Afterwards, I met David for morning coffee before a new day of work. A beautiful day all in all!

Score and tablature.

If you wish, my transcriptions and adaptations are available in pdf format just below this text.
This is a non-commercial sharing.