Wonderwall – Oasis

Here is a guitar adaptation of a song by Noel Gallagher with Oasis released in 1995: Wonderwall.

In 1995, I didn’t know streaming, and for good reason! I was still collecting CDs that I used to buy regularly at the Fnac Montparnasse. Indeed, I lived in rue de l’Eure, in the 14th district of Paris and I loved to buy 2 tracks CDs with the idea to have a lot of hits of the moment. Discovered at the release of the single, I immediately loved this song from Oasis, Wonderwall.

Why this song.

It was during a short stay in Dublin, at the beginning of September, that I felt like sticking to a pop rock repertoire. Indeed, in every pub there is music played by musicians. Of course, a lot of traditional Irish music but also a lot of pop, folk, rock. Anyway, I came back from this stay with the desire to play the songs I heard in these pubs. Losing my religion, Lemon tree, Happy together or Wonderwall to name a few.

Porte de Vincennes, near the Paris ring road.


First of all, I want to say how much I love the original acoustic guitar part of the song. In fact, I love to play it as you can hear it on the Morning Glory album. Except I’m stuck singing in the original key, Em! To be more or less at ease vocally, I would have to put the capo on fret 8 or 9 … with such a difference, the chord positions chosen by Oasis don’t sound at all the same !

That’s why I opted for a different way of doing things. Rather than trying to sound like the original, I chose a straightforward pop-folk approach that I like just as much. And it’s an opportunity to propose a version out of the beaten track of this already very covered song I think ?

Taking advantage of this new approach, I have all the leisure to wedge some plans found during the hours spent playing on my guitar.

Video capture.

Autumn in Paris is always gray and wet. However, I took advantage of a day of relatively good weather to take my guitar, microphone and camera and to leave on my bike without any idea of the spot where I would make my video. It’s near my home, Porte de Vincennes, on the edge of the ring road that I stopped. A small park wedged between three blocks of buildings. Very quiet and frequented only by a few deliverymen on bikes taking a break between two deliveries. I make a dedication here to one of them who, with a lot of attention to me, took care to bypass my camera by pushing his bike silently while I was recording 🙂

Score and tablature.

If you wish, my transcript and adaptation are available in pdf format just below this text.
This is a non-commercial sharing.