Bella Ciao – Trad.

Allow me to present an adaptation of the traditional Italian song “Bella Ciao” for the Ukulele.

Although the origin of this composition is unclear and controversial, the text we know today pays tribute to the resistance during World War II and dates from 1944. Today, this song is often associated with protest movements and the struggle for human rights around the world.

Why this song.

On my way to demonstrate against the pension reform, I heard Bella Ciao. Of course I already knew this song by heart! After that, embarked in the positive momentum of the social movement, I felt like covering this song for this blog. Today, everything suggests that we are dealing with a ruling class that does not care about our simple lives as citizens. So this adaptation is my way of taking a stand.

In general, I am filled with admiration and gratitude towards all those who fight for the common good. It seems to me that we owe them everything.
In this month of April 2023, I want to salute  Les Soulèvement de la terre and, in particular, their commitment to Sainte Soline (France, the water war). But also Alternatiba and their peaceful civil disobedience.. Also le droit au logement which in addition to having concrete actions are my neighbors in the 20th district of Paris.

I am quoting here some of the initiatives that touch me. That said, the list could be very long of all those who mobilize in solidarity.

Playing Bella Ciao is a very small contribution, just my voice.

Bella Ciao - Mastomo
The procession of the CNT during the demonstration of March 28, 2023.

O partigiano portami via,
O bella ciao, bella ciao,
Bella ciao, ciao, ciao,
O partigiano portami via,
Qui mi sento di moror.


We are here in A minor. Not surprisingly, we find these three chords: A minor (the tonic), D minor (the fourth degree) and E 7 (the fifth degree).
And then, to take us to the D minor chord, the use of the A 7 chord, its fifth degree.

For this adaptation, I was inspired by Ken Middleton’s arrangements that use arpeggios and continuity of playing. By incorporating chord notes between the notes of the melody, the rendering seems fluid and simple.

Score and tablature.

If you wish, the score and tablature are available in PDF format below. This is a non-commercial sharing.